PANTO 100-3VR – Four-spindle copy router

  • For milling of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles and for machining of reinforced PVC profiles.
  • Vertical milling unit. Spindle speed controlled by frequency converter.
  • Horizontal, hydro-pneumatic triple spindle drill unit with continuous feed control. The clockwise drills are used. Left and right drilling spindle speed 810 r.p.m., middle drilling spindle speed 640 r.p.m.. Drilling position quickly and continuously adjustable in direction of axes Z and Y by threated bar with crank handle.
  • Prepared for mounting of length stop system with  self-centering device and constant positions.
  • Two pneumatic triple acting copying bolts, with copy finger 6, 8, 10 mm, other diameter on request. Copy routing at a ratio 1:1.
  • Supporting surface enable routing through the profile cross section in one clamping.
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