POWER CENTER-PP – Machining centre

  • complete processing of PVC window and front door profiles
  • production capacity of approx. 180 to 220 window units per work shift
  • ParallelProcessing: shorter processing cycles by decoupling the machining on the profile bar
  • easy to use and simple data maintenance
  • processing data randomly programmable
  • profile bar systems / PVC steel reinforced composites
  • additional functions such as variabl saw, inline printer, seal undercutting and transom cutting station with changer, automatic closing part setting and screwing station and stacking system possible
  • magazine feed 12 spaces
  • length of profile bar min. 650 mm
  • length of profile bar max. 6500 mm
  • cutting length min. 326 mm
  • cutting length max. 4.006 mm (optional 6.006 mm)
  • profile view width max. 130 mm
  • profile depth max. 120 mm (optional 180 mm)
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