TURBO-D-LINE – Welding and cleaning line

  • can consists of for example the following individual products HSM-30/26-Turbo, profile loading magazine  HT-30/26-Z (optional) and 2-head corner cleaning machine 2KP-3D
  • welding process up to 100% servo-controlled
  • welding cycle approx. 60 seconds
  • customized processing options, such as:
    • automatic welding bead limiting device
    • sealing limitations with punch or knife
    • Front door welding with or without pre-installed threshold
    • bar code reader
    • welding of reveal combinations
    • welding of oversizes using infinitely variable adjustment
  • Main features of the 2-head corner cleaning machine 2KP-3D
    • a new design allows a cycle time of 50 seconds (frames)
    • high accuracy due to profile depth measuring
    • 26 tool spaces
    • additional machining on request
    • gentle processing of component surfaces
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