PRISMA 500 – Notching Saw

  • Variable notching possibilities for mullion and transom combinations, e.g. curtain walls, winter garden, sky lights and special designs
  • Manual adjustment of the horizontal blade max. 20mm to the front to cut slots
  • Notch variation: rectangle, one sided angular, two sided angular, three sided angular
  • Notch dimensions: 185mm horizontal, and 210mm vertical at (90°)
  • Profile dimensions: height maximum 280mm, width maximum 300mm
  • Manual adjustment of saw blade height, positioning via mechanical digital display; electronic display optional
  • Swivelling range vertical saw blade 30°-90°-30° (back/mid/front)  positioning via mechanical digital display
  • Swivelling range of both, horizontal and vertical saw blade, 30°-90°-30°, positioning by mechanical digital display
  • Material fence on the table swivelled left / right 30°-90°-30°, positioning by scale
  • Depth stop adjustable via hand wheel and slide, read out by mechanical digital display, manual clamping
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