ELAN TFM – Tilting worktable

  • The equipment of wide range of application is suitable for small, middle and large-scale production. The table is of stable steel construction.
  • Assembly and tilting table serves for mounting of fitting on window sashes, assembly of sun-blinds and additional profiles, and quick, easy and safe tilting of window elements to vertical position to be ready for subsequent transport.
  • In production lines with specified working pressure, the table is placed in front of linear vertical roller conveyors, where it serves for final mounting of fitting and for continuous tilting of sashes from horizontal to vertical position.
  • Extendable arms makes it possible to adapt the working area to the size of element.
  • The control of pneumatic clamp in the point of profile clamping.
  • Sliding contact rails of working area enable an easy handling with sash and prevent from scratching of sash surface.
  • Pneumatic clamps stabilize the sash when tilting.
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